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I believe our meeting is not an accident, but rather you have been divinely sent to this place, at this time, for a divine purpose.

This site is filled with exciting courses to take, things to do and things to buy. All of these I have discovered as part of my healing journey.

As you see in my bio in "About Me", I began as a young registered nurse, newly married, with world on a string. I soon discovered that pain and chronic disease laughed at all my traditional medical training.

I was forced to explore alternative paths and found relief there - the body of healing associated with auras and chakras. I learned that nothing is impossible - some things just take longer.

My prayer is that you will spend time on this site and its sister site "Count Your Blessings" and in them will find the strength, the hope, and the light to cope with whatever curve life has thrown your way.

All classes live in Columbus, OH, or remote by video conference.



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Certified Singing Bowl Practitioner

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directed to the complete novice, as well as the young healer

One-on-One Consultations
teaching and mentoring

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to find out if you are a Lightworker or Lightworker in progress

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Seeking your life's purpose or soul's calling


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