Light Worker Quiz

What are the signs of Ascension?

There are many “signs of ascension – related to the electro-magnetic disturbances surrounding the earth.  Do you experience:

- Feeling “spacy”, disoriented
- Lost time spaces or voids
- Inner ear tingling, humming or the like
- Feeling out of your body
- A sense of spinning
- Light headedness, inability to concentrate
- Feverish or heat pulses
- Change in sleep patterns
- Gastro intestinal problems, nausea
- Ache in lower limbs
- Clumsiness
- Past issues and conflicts surface
- Feeling of nothing in common with friends/family

If so, you are a Lightworker or Lightworker in progress.

If you have confusion or anxiety, take comfort in the fact that there are many others like you. You can get answers to questions by surrounding yourself by like people, taking classes on becoming a Lightworker, or personal one on one consultation with someone who's been there.

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