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Becoming a Healer

This 5 part series is directed to the complete novice, as well as the young healer needing to fill in the gaps.  It is designed for anyone on a timeline or a budget.

Classes are interactive and all include theory as well as practice.  The sessions are broken down as follows:

1 Introduction to the energetic body and energy healing 75
2 Introduction to Quantum Touch 100
3 Practical Reiki level one practitioner attunement & certificate 100
4 Power Reiki master certificate- attunement and certificate 100
5 Tips and techniques for powerful healing 75

Distant, Live, In-person, Independent Study, or Virtual Classroom options

Materials: book pack available through instructor $50 or $14 each / class

Course Payment Options

$450 - Individually as priced
$375 - One time, up front bundle
$190 (x2) - Two payments, before 1st & 3rd class


Contact Connie at (614) 989-4550