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Illuminated Mentoring

Illuminated Mentoring

Illuminated teaching and Mentoring-live in Columbus, Ohio or remote via virtual class room world wide.

Illuminated Answers to your questions - helping you find and follow your life's path and soul's purpose.

Light BulbMy illuminated adventure with Connie surpassed any and all expectations. I experienced two days of intense intuitive and metaphysical mentoring. I had asked the Universe for a teacher and it blessed me with Connie. My gratitude cannot be adequately be expressed in words. She is a true teacher, dedicated to passing knowledge, skill and heart onto others. If you sitting on the fence, unsure if Connie is "right" for you- jump- take that leap of faith. You won't be disappointed.

Connie possesses true psychic ability in various forms, from seeing angels, aura's and  much more.   I am ever  grateful she shared her insightful gift with me, I am forever altered.

-Sarah Nicotra {



Connie has over 20 years experience.  Some of the techniques used are:
-Reiki Master- Usui, Power, Huna, Practical
-Chios – Certified Master Teacher
Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Quantam Touch  Instructor  level,
Mastering Alchemy
Spirit Releasement
Aura /Chakra Practitioner
Aroma Therapy Teacher
Angel Intuit

Let Connie craft a session just for you.


mini.jpgLive in Columbus Ohio. Totally flexible  Have it your way.
You pick the date & time.
hourly  $75
Half day  (4 hours ) $200
Full  day  (8 hours)  $320
Also available  “over night adventures”
(food & lodging included) – pricing dependent upon  number  of hours.
(Illuminated Sessions are geared to be one on one for maximum benefit to the seeker.   However a maximum of two is acceptable if the second person is your spouse, best friend or someone you are really close to .  Pricing for second is 50%  that of the first).


mini.jpgThe venue can be all teaching, all healing, all readings or a combination.  You can choose specific topics, or you can give Connie a basic theme & let her craft an adventure just for you.
Unless specified all sessions longer than an hour include aura photography & chakra imaging
Topics to choose from include, but are not limited to, (ask if you don’t’ see what you’re looking for)
Aura  -anatomy, how to view
Chakra – anatomy & purpose  - front, rear, 12 + spine
Cards – tarot , angel , oracle
Native American totems
Sound in Healing
9 rites of the Mu nay-ki
Reiki – Huna, Power Practical
Tea/coffee cups

Energetic Protection
Quantum Touch
Chakra Balancing
Spirit Releasement,
Sacred Geometry
Aroma therapy,
Angels, Guides, Ancestors
Past lives
Intuitive readings
Psychic development
Applied Kinesiology
Earth Angel Realm readings
Selling It – tips & techniques on starting a metaphysical  business ( or evaluation of an existing  one)


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