Power Reiki

Power Reiki

Power Reiki

Reiki is a very simple, gentle and effective system of transmitting universal life-energy through hands-on-healing or distance sending.

Power Reiki is a technique developed specifically for stubborn or long term problems such as pain, chronic illness, overweight issues.

At AmidAngels we recognize that chronic long term problems have challenges differing from the acute short term curves life can give.  We recognize that the techniques and tools used to mange mild, acute dysfunction are not always adequate.

We specialize in developing techniques for the more resistant problems. 

Power Reiki is one of the tools in this arsenal.

3 levels of instruction

Instruction manual separate (One manual for all 3 levels)

Level 1 - Foundational
Level 2 - Practitioner
Level 3 - Master Teacher

Each level is available either live or on-line (virtual classroom)

taught in two classes

e-book and two classes (Reiki Master) $175



Do you already have some energy healing experience and want to fast track to Reiki master on a budget?

Independent study is what you've been looking for.

Taught by recorded class video, level assignments corrected by myself - Power Reiki Master and founder. Certificate and attunement by myself.

This is the best of both worlds and best of all it's only $125 for your Power Reiki Master.

Power Reiki