Reiki is a very simple, gentle and effective system of transmitting universal life-energy through hands-on-healing or distance sending. It is used for healing in a broader sense: the healing of the body, emotions, mind and spiritual healing and growth.

The word reiki is composed of two Japanese characters: rei and ki. Rei can be translated with 'universal'.

Ki means life-energy or light in the sense of information.

The two characters together express the coming together of divine force and the human being, or the unification of body and soul.

Reiki works with intent, which is focused energy expressing a desire to bring more positive energy into your life, somebody else's life or the world. Once this intent is stated,the reiki will flow

The universal life-energy first enters the energy system of the healer who passes it on, usually with the hands, to the healee. In the physical body this energy travels through the brains and nervous system. In our energetical bodies it travels through the chakras, meridians and the central channel along the spine.

Important to know is that reiki does not deplete the giver since the healer does not give from his own energy. One taps into the universal force and after a treatment both the healer and healee will feel better.

Another important fact is that reiki heals causes, not just the results (symptoms). This makes reiki a deep acting healing method with from time to time unpredictable effects; you don't always consciously know which part of your life needs healing mostly, but the reiki does and will first heal that area. Usui names reiki 'intuitive' for it knows where it is needed; reiki seems to have its own intelligence and it respects one's free will.