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Energy Healing

Energy Healing - Practial Tips & Techniques

A collection of tips, tools and techniques for energy healers of all modalities and abilities. This also includes three new healing techniques plus a new auric layer - layer zero.

Includes energetic protection, group distant healing, fun things to do with energy. Take your practice up a notch!


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Anatomy for Energy Healers

Anatomy for Energy Healers

An easy, quick overview of the human anatomical systems, especially for Reiki practitioners, energy healers, and light workers of all kinds.

Use it as a study guide or quick reference book. This book brings together the human anatomy, meridians, chakras, and auras - all in one place.


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I Am Who I Am

Abudnance Generators

Constructing a "vision board" that works: This book puts a whole new perspective on Vision Boards and how to make them actually work. It is written in plain simple text, well explained and makes total sense. Your ah-ha moments will yield powerful results when you start using them!


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Angels Guides Ancestors

Advanced Auras and Chakras: Keeping It Simple

This approach makes bold new information understandable by both novice and experienced practitioners.  Chakras are covered in depth, including in body, out of body, front and rear, rate and direction of spin, and little known facts.  The basic aura is presented and followed by accessing the aura and detecting disease in the aura.


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Power Reiki Book

Power Reiki: Chronic Illness & Pain - Student Manual

This channeled energy healing modality is useful for all dysfunction, disease and pain but is especially helpful in cases of chronic pain or long term debilitating disease.

This is a three level course for Reiki Master and Master Teacher. Book contains all 3 levels and certification process.


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Tarot Runes Pendulum

Quick Tarot, Runes & Pendulum

Tarot, runes and pendulum for the 21st century. Up to date meanings to make them relevant for today's lifestyle. One word/one phrase meanings replace pages of tiny print. Taught in a way so as to get you reading them within the hour.


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Human Energy System

The Human Energy System Full Series

This 5 module course is a must for novice and advanced alike. It is presented in simple, uncomplicated terms so that the novice can understand including cutting edge information that will be new to even the most advanced.


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