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Power Reiki

Power Reiki

Reiki is a very simple, gentle and effective system of transmitting universal life-energy through hands-on-healing or distance sending.

Power Reiki is a technique developed specifically for stubborn or long term problems such as pain, chronic illness, overweight issues.

At AmidAngels we recognize that chronic long term problems have challenges differing from the acute short term curves life can give.  We recognize that the techniques and tools used to mange mild, acute dysfunction are not always adequate.

We specialize in developing techniques for the more resistant problems. 

Power Reiki is one of the tools in this arsenal.

3 levels of instruction

Instruction manual separate (One manual for all 3 levels)

Level 1 - Foundational
Level 2 - Practitioner
Level 3 - Master Teacher

Each level is available either live or on-line (virtual classroom)

taught in two classes

e-book and two classes (Reiki Master) $175



Do you already have some energy healing experience and want to fast track to Reiki master on a budget?

Independent study is what you've been looking for.

Taught by recorded class video, level assignments corrected by myself - Power Reiki Master and founder. Certificate and attunement by myself.

This is the best of both worlds and best of all it's only $125 for your Power Reiki Master.

Power Reiki


On a budget? In a hurry?

Fast track option (Columbus, OH area):

Live class - "Master in a Morning"
Sat. Mar. 28, 2015 9:00 - 11:30

$125 for class (Master Level certificate)





Getting It All Together

Power Reiki

Student to Professional Series

This series is designed for those who want to excel and be confident in the delivery of their product (chakra bracelets for example) or their services (energy healing, card readings).

If you are currently trying to get established but can’t quite step over the line or sense that you are missing something- or if you have tried before & been unsuccessful, this is the information you’ve been looking for.

All classes are heavily hands on. You will learn by doing in the real world not learn about doing from a text.

Minimum of one student and maximum of two students to ensure low student to teacher ratio (1 to 1 or 2 to 1).

Option 1: Student to Practitioner

Suitable for any energy modality as well as any level of expertise. Lots of tips for the novice plus “AHA moments” for the advanced. The course culminates with local students working in a real studio. Distant students will do distant healing for two subjects unknown to them –formatting, reporting


On demand Live in Dublin, Ohio


Distant anywhere – via virtual class room. You need a computer with headset or earbuds. Two 2 hour classes plus 2 hours in studio or one 6 hour day Includes all classes plus six texts.

Option 2: Student to Vendor

Metaphysics and energy healing do not respond to traditional marketing methods. Learn how to market yourself successfully in this market niche. Tips to make you stand out plus wholesale sources for sales and services. Are you using the correct venue? Are you using it effectively?


On demand Live in Dublin, Ohio


Distant anywhere – via virtual class room. You need a computer with headset or earbuds. Two 2 hour classes plus 2 hours in an event or online sessions, or one 6 hour day.

Option 3: Student to Metaphysician

Ever dream of using your intuition to help others while at the same time making pocket money or big money for yourself? This course will show you how.

Absolutely no experience necessary.

You will learn to access your intuition and be confident using it. You will leave this course being able to: do a cold psychic reading, card readings (tarot, angel. Oracle) pendulums and basic scrying. You will also learn basic business basics like setting the fee and collecting it.


On demand Live in Dublin, Ohio


Distant anywhere – via virtual class room. You need a computer with headset or earbuds. Two 2 hour classes or one 4 hour day.


Chios Healing is a relatively new yet very comprehensive energy healing system which employs powerful and effective aura and chakra healing techniques, nearly all of which are unique to Chios.

The complete course consists of one book & 3 attunements
which can be done via live work shops or email.

Each completed level is granted a certificate:
Chios Level 1 Foundational
Chios Level 2 Practitioner
Chios Master Teacher

It can be taught in one of 3 ways:

1. Live in Columbus Ohio 
$85 per level
(or $230 up front for all three bundled)

2. Virtual Class Room
(recorded so you have a copy)
$85 per level
(or $230 up front for all three bundled)

3. Traditional Self Study
$75 per level
(or $210 up front for all three bundled)

Additional Details

Beyond Practical Reiki

So, you've taken the Practical Reiki training and experienced the awesome Reiki power.

What's next? How do you "move on"?

The next step is to learn one or more of the new Reiki modalities that help the Practical Reiki practitioner specialize his / her practice and hone skills.
(All have Practical Reiki level 1 as a prerequisite).

Little Hands Reiki

Little Hands Reiki

Now nurses and massage therapists can receive three continuing education units for learning to teach 30 Minute Reiki 4 Kids.

This class will teach you how to work with healthy children and children that are chronically or seriously ill.

30 Minute Reiki 4 Kids is a proven system that clearly communicates the fundamentals of Reiki through videos, games and incentives.

Prerequisites: Master Level Reiki - any modality (including Practical Reiki)

Required Material: None (Materials provided)

Course dates: Flexible - one 3 hour class (live or distant, single or group)

Purchase individually at $125 or as part of the Beyond Practical Reiki bundle (details below)



With Light Rays Reiki you will learn about the healing rays and how to incorporate the power of color and light for specific uses - finances, joy, concentration, creativity and more..

These powerful courses are complete units - no extra purchases, no fine print. The manuals are delivered to you via email as eBooks as part of cost, making the classes even more affordable.

Course dates: Flexible - 2 levels - independent study, electronic materials provided

Purchase individually at $125 or as part of the Beyond Practical Reiki bundle (details below)

Beyond Practical Reiki

Pricing for "Beyond Practical Reiki" courses above

Chakra System

Chakra basics on what chakra are and are not, what they do, and why they are important

Beginner to advanced: Theory and hands-on (interactive) course. Includes working on the rear chakra system. As well, you will learn how to balance your chakras and keep them healthy.

Approximately 60 min. in length, customized to your level and abilities

Location: Dublin, OH

Private: $50; 2 or more: $30 each


Psychic Learning 101

Identify your psychic gift and discover how to release it.

Interactive class, including exposure to metaphysical tools including but not limited to pendulum, cards, scrying, and runes.

Approximately 90 min. in length

Location: Dublin, OH

Private: $60; 2 or more: $40 each



The pendulum is the most misunderstood and under utilized metaphysic tool

If you don't have one, come and see how it works to give you answers. If you have a pendulum, bring it along and find out how to make it work effectively for you, how to store it, and new ways to use it.

Approximately 30 min. in length

Location: Dublin, OH

Private: $30; 2 or more: $20 each


Practical Reiki

Practical Reiki

This CE activity, OLN-S-1365-11, being offered by CSI Infusion &
Network Services has been approved for 8.0 contact hours by the Ohio Board of
Nursing through the approver unit at the Ohio League for Nursing (OBN-006-92)
and this program is approved to be offered through February 16, 2014.

CEUs for Nursing / LMTs
Reiki for "Caregivers"

Would you like to be able to release stress in minutes for your patient or yourself?

Do you want to enrich and super-charge the effectiveness of your work?

Do you feel ready to access the power inside you?

Reiki is an energy healing practice that enhances wellness by encouraging the system towards balance at all levels: body, mind and spirit.
Anyone can learn Reiki, regardless of any previous experience or intuitive ability. It is simple to learn and yours for a lifetime.

It works in minutes to reduce stress, relieve pain, and has many other benefits as well. You can use Reiki to offer yourself stress reduction immediately any time you need it.

Practical Reiki is simple enough to learn in a day, yet strong enough to make an impact in your work and your own power for healing.

The 4-session course includes:
• Practical Reiki attunements & certification (Level 1 through Master Level)
• Reiki for Nurses & Caregivers Manual
• Complete instruction and hands-on practice opportunities
• Certificate of completion at the end of the course

Materials needed:
BOOK: Practical Reiki (Please be sure to have the book before the first class session.)

Fee for the course:
$150.00 per level
(plus $25.00 for the eight (8) Nursing Continued Education Credits)


Pay as you go - $45 per session per session
(4 sessions)

On-line (virtual classroom) - allows you to learn in the comfort, convenience of your own home

None scheduled at this time. Contact Connie to request class.

Value Pack (4) - $150
Single Class - $45
CEU Credit Fee - $25

Healer Development - See Description Below

Healer Development

If you feel drawn to Energy Healing, but don't know how to get from where you are at to where you want to be - a polished, confident healing professional - then the healing development course "Illuminations" is the course for you.

You will receive individualized mentoring based on your specific needs, plus a sound foundation and certification in a number of standard healing building blocks.

Healer Development Illuminations consists of the following:
1. Initial assessment appointment, including individualized development plan plus aura chakra photography (approx. 90 min) - $75
2. The following courses (order may vary):
- Munay-Ki
- Chios - $150 (all 3 levels)
3. Individual mentoring classes geared to your specific talents and goals, covering but not limited to pendulum, meditation, crystals, scrying, business basics, psychic development, chakras / auras and introduction to medicine wheel. This will be accomplished by 2 to 6 classes of approximately 90 min., depending upon need, cost dependant upon length, content, and previous experience. (Cost estimated at $50 / hr.)

You will leave with a certificate, confidence, and a network of support to back you up.

Location: Dublin, OH


Under guided supervision, in a real studio, with real clients, learn how to empower your healing technique, set the fee and collect it, gain confidence, and become the polished professional you were meant to be.

Bookings Saturdays only in Columbus OH

$70 / hr (if you supply the client) $95 / hr (if I supply the client)

Can be used as credit in Reiki Awakening Academy studies programs




Payment: Click on link below to request payment instructions

Phone: (614) 989-4550

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