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Looking for Answers along "Life's Path"

- Tired? Confused?
- Questioning your path?
- Looking for your path?
- Need answers?  Need clarity?

Let cards, angels, runes, stones, intuitive readings give you help along your way.

Live or distant.

Private or groups sessions available.

Pricing starts at $30 / 30 min.

For more information, contact Connie.

Illuminated Answers / Mentoring

Illuminated Answers

You've got questions - get illuminated answers!

This time of energy healing & mentoring is devoted entirely to YOU.

An Illuminated Adventure is a period of time during which you separate yourself from your normal surroundings & chores. You bunk at my place in Columbus, Ohio & have all meals prepared for you.

More information (click on link)

Marconics Energy

The Evolution of Energy Healing

Raises the client's vibrational frequency by running Marconic Energy through selected points on the body's own Axiational grid, triggering profound spontaneous healing in all aspects of your being - body, mind and spirit.

Specifically for multi-dimensionalism, and can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy.  

Energy Sessions

Your journey to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being and balance begins in your energy field. Is your energy field keeping you down?

You can receive any (or a combination) of the following energy services:
- High perception energy field reading
- Chakra / aura imaging and analytic
- Spirit Releasement
- Past Life Regression
- Guided Mediation to Meet your Guides
- Healing Touch
- Crystal Healing
- Energy Healing Codes
- Angel Touch
- Energy Inversion
- Chakra and aura balancing
- Power attunements for weight loss or chronic pain

(If unsure, Connie can choose for you.)

Services can be provided locally (Dublin OH area) or remotely - no distance limitations.

Pricing starts at $30 / 30 min.

For more information, contact Connie.

Local services offered in home or at La Luna wellness

Lecture / Speaker

Available as a lecturer or speaker on a vast number of topics, specializing in the following:
- Human energy field of auras and chakras
- Angels
- Psychic development
- Alternative healing methods
- "Don't give up"

Pricing will depend upon location and venue.

Contact Information

Phone: (614) 989-4550

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