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Himalayan Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls

Stress Reduction


Open Your Third Eye

Experience the vibration effects of Himalayan singing bowls. Vibrational sound healing may be the key that you are missing for your well-being. Sessions offer the benefits of relaxation, as well as enabling you to connect with your higher self.

Singing Bowl Sessions:

Third Eye Sessions (15 min.) - $20
All Other Sessions - $75 / hour

One on One

One on One with Connie

Soul’s Calling:

Don’t know where you’re supposed to be & what you’re supposed to be doing – just that where you’re at isn’t it?  Let Connie use her intuitive gift to zone in on your life path & direct you along the way.

Teaching or Mentoring:

Whether you’re looking for a casual self improvement class or for serious mentoring along a business path, Connie’s vast experience as a master teacher and mentor we’ll help you get on your way.  Classes include metaphysics (Runes, pendulums, cards, psychic development, angels, crystals, aura, chakra, metaphysical business starts, handwriting analysis, mandelas, past lives and more-just ask)  Healing training is available in over 30 modalities including Chios, Quantum Touch, Reiki (Usui, Practical, Hawaiian, Power), Color.


Looking for Answers along "Life's Path"

- Tired? Confused?
- Questioning your path?
- Looking for your path?
- Need answers?  Need clarity?

Let cards, angels, runes, stones, intuitive readings give you help along your way. Live or distant. Private or groups sessions available.

Pricing starts at $30 / 30 min.


Ascension Energy - Soul's Purpose

‘Elohim” is defined as ‘god’ or ‘deity’. So, it follows that ‘Elohim Energy’ is simply ‘god energy/essence’.

It has been around in one form or another since the beginning of time.  It differs greatly from the other energy and other energy modalities currently out there.

Reiki, Chios, Quantum Touch, Matrix and others that you may know are healing energies.  They are directed to the physical body and/or the subtle body (aura and chakras) with the intent of physical – or possibly mental or emotional – healing or restoration.

Elohim Energy’ is not a healing energy. It does not interact with the body that you can see. Elohim Energy’ is an ascension energy.  It is very high in vibration and is directed at (re)connecting the Higher Self with the lowerself. In so doing one’s God connection is restored and one’s life’s calling and soul’s purpose is defined and clarified. The intent of an ‘Elohim Energy’ session is to assist the soul in its ascension.

 You would seek out ‘Elohim’ energy if you felt blocked, stymied or lost on your spiritual growth path or if your soul’s calling/ life’s purpose felt foggy or outside your grasp

A typical ‘Elohim Energy’ session is fully clothed, lasts 40 minutes (at a cost of $65) minutes and can be live or remote.

Marconics Energy

The Evolution of Energy Healing

Raises the client's vibrational frequency by running Marconic Energy through selected points on the body's own Axiational grid, triggering profound spontaneous healing in all aspects of your being - body, mind and spirit.

Specifically for multi-dimensionalism, and can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy.  


The Evolution of Energy Healing

Your journey to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being and balance begins in your energy field. Is your energy field keeping you down?

You can receive any (or a combination) of the following energy services:
- High perception energy field reading
- Chakra / aura imaging and analytic
- Spirit Releasement
- Past Life Regression
- Guided Mediation to Meet your Guides
- Healing Touch
- Crystal Healing
- Energy Healing Codes
- Angel Touch
- Energy Inversion
- Chakra and aura balancing
- Power attunements for weight loss or chronic pain

Services can be provided locally (Dublin OH area) or remotely - no distance limitations.

Contact Information

Phone: (614) 989-4550

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